Steel Arches For Underground Mining

Mpumatech Mining (Pty) Ltd, is a leading manufacturer of steel arches for underground mining operations.

Steel arches are a crucial support structure in underground mining, providing stability to the mine’s roof and walls and ensuring the safety of the miners.

They are typically used in mines where the rock is not self-supporting and requires additional support to prevent cave-ins.


Our steel arches can be installed in various configurations, based on the specific requirements of the mine such as single arches, double arches, multiple arches in a row, and in combination with other types of support structures like steel ribs or cable bolts.

Our steel arches offer a range of benefits to underground mining operations, including:
Exceptional strength and durability: Our steel arches are manufactured using high-strength steel, ensuring their ability to withstand the weight of the overlying rock.

Flexibility and Versatility: They can be configured in a variety of ways based on the mine’s specific requirements.

Cost-effectiveness: Our steel arches are relatively inexpensive to manufacture and install, making them an economical solution for underground mining operations.

Ease of Installation: Our steel arches can be installed swiftly and easily, minimizing downtime in the mine.

Adaptability: Our steel arches can be adjusted or replaced easily, allowing for changes in mining conditions or adjustments to the mine’s layout.

Our team of experienced engineers and technicians have the knowledge and experience to evaluate the site conditions and design an appropriate support system, ensuring that our steel arches are installed correctly and provide the necessary stability for the mine’s roof and walls.

At Mpumatech Mining (Pty) Ltd, we are committed to providing the highest quality products and solutions to the underground mining industry, and our steel arches are no exception.

We invite you to consider our company for your steel arch needs and look forward to working with you to improve the safety and efficiency of your underground mining operations.