Underground Yielding Perimeter Cable Mining Mesh

Underground Yielding Perimeter Cable Mining Mesh is a type of flexible mesh reinforcement with a steel wire rope laced around the perimeter of the mesh used to provide support in underground mines. It has several advantages over other types of support systems, including:

In underground mining, loading and hauling activities can be a source of damage to mesh used for ground support. These activities involve the use of heavy machinery to load ore or waste rock onto trucks or trains for transport out of the mine. The movement of the machinery can cause the mesh to become caught or damaged.

One potential source of damage is the perimeter cable, which is a cable that runs around the edges of the mesh sheets. If the perimeter cable becomes caught on something, it can move towards the centre of the mesh, breaking the welded strands as it goes. This can give the mesh a “spaghetti” appearance, with broken strands hanging loose.

However, if the mesh sheets are properly secured with rock bolts, the cable’s yield (or ability to stretch without breaking) is activated and eventually exceeded. This means that the cable will stretch rather than breaking, helping to protect the mesh from damage.

Overall, it is important to properly secure mesh sheets with rock bolts and to take care when conducting loading and hauling activities to minimize the risk of mesh damage.